Say hello to the Pro Pass

Your WeTransfer Pro subscription now lets you unlock Paste Pro and Collect Pro — worth US$18.49 / €17.48 a month on their own. No strings, no catch.

Get your biggest ideas ready to transfer with these two beautifully obvious tools.

Meet your dedicated slide designer

Concepts. Mockups. Pitches. Before your ideas are final (and approved), you need to get your team and that client who sits too close to the webcam on the same page. Paste is a collaborative presentation tool that takes care of the formatting so you can focus on your ideas. Ready to leave your deck-building days behind?

You can unlock Paste Pro when you’re back on your laptop.

How to unlock
Unlock Paste Pro

Save everything that inspires your ideas

Need a little inspiration to kickstart your biggest ideas? Whether you’re on your phone, iPad, or desktop, Collect lets you save all the stuff you love in one place. Create beautiful mood boards, share references with your team, and take your inspiration with you everywhere you go.

Sound good? Grab your phone or iPad to unlock Collect Pro.

Using your Pro Pass

What if I already have Paste Pro?

Our time machine is down at the moment, so we can’t go back in time to give you the Pro Pass. But if you’ve got fewer than four team members in Paste, you can go ahead and cancel your current Paste Pro plan. Then just follow the instructions to unlock Paste Pro for free. If you’ve got more than four team members, you can use the Pro Pass to get a discount on your bill. (Nice.)

If you’ve already paid for a year of Paste Pro, please reach out to and we’ll sort something out.

What if I already have Collect Pro?

Our time machine is (still!) down at the moment, so we can’t go back in time to give you the Pro Pass. However, you can cancel your current Collect Pro plan, then follow the instructions to unlock Collect Pro for free.

Unfortunately, payment for Collect Pro is managed through the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, so if you’ve paid for a year of Collect Pro and want to switch to the Pro Pass, we aren’t able to give you a refund on any unused remainder.

What happens if I cancel WeTransfer Pro after I use the Pro Pass?

Your Pro Pass is tied to your WeTransfer Pro subscription, so if you cancel you’ll lose access to Paste Pro and Collect Pro. You can always upgrade to Paste Pro or Collect Pro if you want to keep using just those tools. No hard feelings!

The Pro Pass doesn’t work, I can’t unlock Paste Pro/Collect Pro.

We have some simple step-by-step instructions to help! Check out how to unlock Paste Pro and how to unlock Collect Pro.

Also, a WeTransfer Pro subscription only lets you unlock one Paste Pro and one Collect Pro account. This means you can’t use the Pro Pass more than once in Paste and once in Collect. (Tell your friends we said sorry.)

If you’re still having trouble using the Pro Pass, please give us a shout and we’ll help you out.